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Kashaka (Cas Cas, Asalato) Percussion Instrument

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These kashaka are hand made and hand painted musical instruments. Each one is different and the exact design and appearance will vary. The two gourds are made from hollow wooden shells. The cord runs through each shell and the rope length is adjustable if required. Playing kashaka is a lot of fun and will appeal to percussion enthusiasts, musicians with an interest in ethnic music plus begleri and fidget toy enthusiasts.

Gourd material: wood
Cord length: 25cm
Cord diameter: 4mm (approx.)
Gourd diameter 5cm (approx.)
Weight: 36g (approx.)
Finish: hand painted and varnished. APPEARANCE VARIES

Notes: the wooden shells have small holes next to the rope holes which were made during manufacture. The wooden shells are hand made and not perfectly round.

Warning: these kashaka are not indestructible! The wooden shells are deliberately quite thin to give the best percussive sound. Returns will not be accepted for kashaka broken during play.

About Kashaka
A Kashaka is a traditional poly rhythmic percussion instrument from Africa. It is also known as Patica (Japan), Kosika (USA), Asalato, Aslatua, Kes Kes, Cas Cas, Tchangot Tche. Kashaka are traditionally made from two hollow percussive gourds filled with seeds, shells etc to give a rattle or shaking sound similar to a maraca. Kashaka make a shaking and clacking sound when played. Kashaka are played by slinging them from between the fingers and can be played individually or (with one in each hand) as a pair. This is hard to explain and best shown by watching a video like the two handed kashaka demonstration below (note the player is not using the same kashaka as sold here).

Returns will not be accepted for kashaka broken during play.

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