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John Higby Duncan Freehand 2 Hand Painted Counterweight Yo-Yo #915

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12+ years

This is the latest version of the Duncan Freehand 2 Yo-yo, with a recessed silicone response system. It has been lovingly and skilfully hand painted by yo-yo player, performer and artist extraordinaire Mr John Higby, USA. John hand paints each clear yo-yo body like a window and adds his own custom side caps so every one is an original piece of art.

Comes with a counterweight and string. Painted in 2011.

About the Duncan Freehand 2
The Freehand 2 yo-yo now features recessed response pads. The only yo-yo in the world that doesn't need to be tied to your hand! With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yo-yo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy. The Freehand was developed with U.S. National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown, inventor of Freehand-style play. The Freehand has an extra wide Butterfly shape, and special recessed Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response. Used by more high-level 1A and X Division players than any other yo-yo, the Freehand is the best there is.

Note from Pete, euro-yo: I love John's art and I love these yo-yos. Each yo-yo is unique and rather special. They are not just great playing yo-yos, but collectible too.