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Jinhao 8802 Coffee Marble Fountain Pen Fine Nib + free ink

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Jinhao 8802 Coffee Marble Edition fountain pen with chrome trim. The 8802 pen is sold with a standard international converter PLUS we give you a free pack of 5 Jinhao black ink cartridges with each pen

The Jinhao 8802 comes in a range of luxurious finishes. 

The 8802 Coffee Marble Edition pen has a snap cap, polished chrome details and a marble effect acrylic barrel. 

This pen can be used with either bottled ink or cartridges. The supplied international converter can be used with any suitable bottled ink and is removable. Alternatively, the free Jinhao ink cartridges (supplied) simply push into the pen for extra convenience. 

Please note that this Jinhao fountain pen requires the use of any brand of International Sized short or long ink cartridges. International size ink cartridges are compatible with most fountain pens and are widely available and cheaply priced (we usually have these in stock). The proprietary cartridges made by some pen manufacturers such as Parkers and Lamy are a different size and DO NOT FIT THIS PEN. The use of non-international sized cartridges is NOT RECOMMENDED as they will not fit properly and will leak!

Each Jinhao ink cartridge supplied with this pen is 51 mm long and 7 mm in width. 

Colour: Coffee Marble – black cap, marbled acrylic barrel, chrome details.
Item Number: 8802
Brand: Jinhao
Size: 138mm long x 10.2mm diameter
Nib size: Fine 
Nib Colour: Silver
Nib Material: Steel
Weight (total): 38g approx
Material: metal with chrome hardware
Barrel: acrylic
Refill: removable rotational converter or international sized cartridge
Clip: steel
Cap type: push
Ink: works with all bottled inks or international sized cartridges.
Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge: 1.08ml
Max Ink Capacity - Converter: 1.05ml

Caring for your fountain pen

The first time you use your new Jinhao fountain pen it may take a while to get the ink to flow. There are several things you can do to help start the ink flowing. Squeezing the ink cartridge (or, in the case of a converter, turning the syringe) until you see ink come out of the tip is one approach. Lightly tapping the nib on paper can help. Putting the nib on some tissue can help the ink to start. If that fails, briefly wetting the nib under a running tap or in cup of water will usually start the capillary flow. Otherwise try flushing the pen (see below).

In fountain pens, capillary action drives the ink to the paper. Dirt, fluff, paper fragments and dried ink can accumulate over time, and may cause the pen to write badly (with scratchiness and poor ink flow). Your Jinhao fountain pen will need cleaning to maintain optimal performance. For more help, Google “How to Clean a Fountain Pen”.

As with any fountain pen, if the pen is not used regularly the ink will dry out and you may have to get the ink flowing again. To do this you can “flush” your pen. The supplied ink converter is very good for flushing your pen. For more help, Google “how to flush a fountain pen” or “how to clean your nib”. 

Fountain pen nibs improve with use. After a few weeks of use you usually see improved pen performance. As the pen “breaks in” with use the ink will flush any factory oils and residue from the pen, consequently the ink will flow more consistently and writing will become smoother. It also takes some time for you, the pen user, to get used to your new pen and adapt your writing style to the pen.

To prevent your Jinhao fountain pen ink from drying out if not being used for a prolonged period, it is suggested that you clean out the pen and store it without any ink.

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