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Greek Begleri Aluminium Beads Black Cord

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These are simple light weight Greek Begleri, pre-assembled with simple cord. Light weight with small beads, suitable for all players. A good affordable begleri for new players or someone wanting to try this skill toy. Black Cord.

Originating in Greece, Begleri (known as Komboloi) are a traditional pocket sized skill toy consisting of two beads of equal weight threaded on to a short string. Begleri are flicked, spun and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and have become a popular skill toy in recent years. For many these toys are an excellent Fidget Toy, played to pass the time or keep the hands busy.


Bead diameter: 16mm
Bead length 17mm
Total weight: 16g (approx.)
Bead Material: Aluminium.

These Begleri are supplied ready assembled. 


Not suitable for children under 12. Small parts. Strangulation risk.