Flippo Flip Desk Toy Zinc Alloy Square Rainbow 90g

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Flippo Flip Desk Toy 41mm Square made from solid heavy Zinc Alloy with a colourful rainbow finish. These premium quality desk toys from Skilltoyz are precision machined from solid metal. This solid zinc alloy version is one of our heaviest square flipo models, weighing in at about 90 grams. They are designed to roll (or "flip") across a table and with skill you can get the flipo to flip over numerous times and even to come to a standstill on its edge. A good game of skill and relaxing fidget gadget. Note these are not a particularly quiet or discrete fidget toy; the flipo will make some noise as it rolls over a table. The weight and precise engineering ensures optimal flip-over rolling and makes for a great looking, solid-feeling executive desk toy. This model has a beautiful shiny rainbow finish. Sold complete with a pop-close leather-style bag. 


Material: Zinc Alloy
Shape: Square
Weight: 90g (approx.)
Size: 41mm x 13mm
Finish: Polished Rainbow colour finish

Beware of inferior quality cheap flipo toys. The cheaper versions are generally smaller, made from plastic and are too light and poorly made to work well. Even those made from metal are generally lighter, poorly finished and unevenly shaped. By contrast, our premium Skilltoyz Flipo Flips are solidly built with a beautiful finish, accurately made from solid metal and they perform very well. The price reflects their cost and quality. For your reassurance, we took photos showing our flippo on accurate weighing scales, to show the true weight. 

Each Skilltoyz Flippo Flip includes a small hole through one corner to attach (for example) a lanyard.

Not suitable for children under 8. This is a heavy item, damage or injury could result if it were dropped or thrown. 

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These Flipo fidget toys are strong but not indestructible. The surface can get scratched, dented or otherwise marked during use, especially if the item is dropped or kept in contact with other items such as keys or coins. The colour finish on these Flipos may also wear out through use. This is normal wear and tear and is not covered by any warranty.