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Dragon Kendama Bamboo Pink Natural

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These standard sized kendama are an ideal choice for beginners. They are made from hard wearing Bamboo and are slightly lighter than many other models. The cross piece (sarado) is fixed on the stem with a metal pin. The advantage of this construction is that the cross piece does not move or become separated from the stem during play. Changing the string is also considerably easier.

This kendama has a natural finish. The ball has a very attractive translucent paint coating. Every one is unique.

Material: Bamboo
Weight: 140 g approx
Ball diameter: 60mm
Height including ball: 180mm approx
Stem height: 160mm approx

Comes supplied with a spare kendama string.

A note about the specifications: all measurements are approximate. Bamboo is a natural material and the weight will vary. The kendama are made within allowable tolerances, their dimensions may vary a little. The colour and finish of the wood may vary.

Kendama will suffer wear during play. The wood may chip and crack. The string will wear out and may break. This is normal wear and tear and is not covered by any warranty. Any faults should be reported on receipt.

The string on your kendama will wear out and can break. It is a user replaceable part; we recommend you buy some spare strings.

All Kendama will suffer wear during play. The paint will chip. The wood will chip and may crack. The string will wear out and may break. This is normal wear and tear.

Wood is a natural material. The weight and finish of wooden kendama will vary.

Kendama are not suitable for children under 12 years old. It is possible to cause injury when playing with a kendama. Please play with care.