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Clearance item #201 Ozora Year of the Horse Zodiac Kendama 2014 - Silver

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We are having a clearance sale! We have a selection of items which are available at low prices for one reason or another. When they are gone, they are gone. No refunds are available for these items unless the description given below is inaccurate.

Item name:  Ozora Year of the Horse Zodiac Kendama 2014 - Silver kendama. One only.

Reason for sale: Other - Damaged box. The clear plastic packaging is squashed. The kendama is in perfect condition.  

Guide to the reasons for sale given for each item:

“Missing original packaging”

Exactly as it says, this item is sold without the original packaging that might have been shop soiled or damaged. The item itself will be in as new condition and will be well wrapped during shipping.

“Ex-photographic model”

If manufacturers do not provide images of their products we have to take our own photographs. This can result in damage to the packaging when removing the item. ‘Ex-photograhic models’ are complete, as new, but the packaging has been opened by us.


The item is imperfect or damaged as described.


We often receive samples of products we might stock from manufacturers. The samples may not have packaging.


More details will be given in the item description.

Please note no refunds are available for these items unless the description given is inaccurate.

The string on your kendama will wear out and can break. It is a user replaceable part; we recommend you buy some spare strings.

All Kendama will suffer wear during play. The paint will chip. The wood will chip and may crack. The string will wear out and may break. This is normal wear and tear.

Wood is a natural material. The weight and finish of wooden kendama will vary.

Kendama are not suitable for children under 12 years old. It is possible to cause injury when playing with a kendama. Please play with care.