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Candy Wires Yo-Yo Strings 10 Type Fat Bubble Gum Pink

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Euro-Yo is very pleased to sell Candy Wires Yo-Yo Strings. These are generously long top quality hand made yo-yo strings.

Candy Wires are proudly hand made in the Philippines by National Yo-Yo Champion Joebert Flores.  Joebert has been making yo-yo strings for almost 7 years now, and so is quite an expert on string making. His strings have been tested by some of the best players in the Philippines and elsewhere so you can be sure it is "player friendly" string!

Material: 100 per cent Polyester
Typical length: 105mm (41 inches)
100 percent hand made!
The ten packs of Candy Wires are called "Candy Bites".
The Candy Wires label in the packet is a cool sticker!
Pack of 10 yo-yo strings.

A Guide to the Candy Wires String Types

Type: S
The most popular Candy Wires string is the soft type or s-type. It is the choice of players like Ernest Kahn, Pekka, 2011 Philippine 1a champ Robert Tamayo and of course Joebert the maker! It is made especially for 1a and 5a because it has no string burn and it will glide in your fingers but still be tight on binds. S-type is very soft slacky type 10x2.

Type: E
The e-type was Joebert’s first string. It is still a great string today. Ernest at Team CLYW helped Joebert to develop this string. It has been thoroughly tested. Joebert used this when he became the 2009 Philippine 1a Yo-Yo champ. If want you some "feel" on the string then e type is for you. E -type is extreme type 10x2 for all around play. It has more tension than the S-type and has a tighter feel.

Type: Fat
Because Joebert fell in love with "big yoyo's" like the Supernova and Chief he made the Fat type. Fat -type is 12x2. Joebert adds some thickness to the E type and made a string perfect for oversized yoyos.