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BAKWOOD/Davro Flightmaster Ash Wood Boomerang LEFT HANDED A2 design L5

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Skill Level:
Minimum Age:
16+ years

An original Bakwood/Davro Flightmaster Boomerang LEFT HANDED. Outward Range approx 35m. This is beautifully made by hand from ash strips which are laminated together.  The designs vary, so we are selling each type of design as a separate listing. You are buying the design shown in the photo. The paint finish is showing its age. These are rare, old boomerangs and the boomerang is showing has aged. This is a hand made item: each one is unique. Only suitable for very experienced adult throwers. LEFT HANDED (Gaucher / Zurdos / Canhotos / Links)

Each of these boomerangs is individually priced to reflect the condition and appearance of each piece.

One only. You are buying the boomerang shown in the photograph.

Warning: This is a VERY LARGE and HEAVY returning boomerang and must be used with great care. Only for adult use. Catching gloves are strongly advised. Throw at your own risk. Do not use near other people. Absolutely NOT suitable for children.

This boomerang is so BIG I can only deliver to the UK, sorry!

Ce boomerang est si grand que je ne peux que remettre au Royaume-Uni, désolé!

Dieser Bumerang ist so groß, ich kann nur nach Großbritannien liefern , sorry!

Questo boomerang è così grande che posso consegnare solo al Regno Unito , mi dispiace!

Davro boomerang history: Davro Boomerangs began life in the 1960's when a talented ex-soldier, Howard Baker, started making high quality strip laminated traditional Ash boomerangs in Yorkshire under the "Bakwood" name. Following an appearance on television in the UK, David and Veronica (Ronnie) Jones from Kent approached Bakwood to supply them with boomerangs and so Davro (from DAVid and Ronnie) was born. Howard was joined by his nephew Adrian Green who, when Howard died, moved production to the North of Scotland where he continued making Bakwood Boomerangs. At some point, the name was changed from Bakwoods to Bakwood. In 1999 David and Ronnie retired and sold the business to Richard Ogilvy who also took over the boomerang manufacturing from Adrian, moving it to Forres. More recently the Davro business was sold on and now operates from Ireland.

We know little about the provenance of these Bakwood boomerangs. They were part of over 500 boomerangs sold to us by Richard Ogilvy in 2015, who had had these stored in his loft. Richard inherited them from Bakwood when the company changed hands. What we can surmise is that these were probably made by Howard Baker or his nephew Adrian Green prior to 1999. They are rarely seen on sale though if you Google ‘Bakwood boomerangs’ you can see some have been sold over the years for quite high prices on auction sites. Definitely a boomerang for the enthusiast or collector.

Condition: A2 "Slight Second" (see below)
Size: 60cm (24")
Material: 15 Ash wood strips
Weight: 180 grams
Range: 35m
Recomended age:
18 years +
LEFT HANDED (Gaucher / Zurdos / Canhotos / Links)

This VERY big boomerang has a beautiful flying action and good hover. It requires a strong throw (maybe even a running throw with two hands!) and some considerable skill. Not suitable for beginners!

All measurements are approximate.

A note about these ‘Slight second’ boomerangs:
We were very pleased to be offered the last stocks of original Scottish Davro boomerangs, all hand made in Scotland by the original owner of this long-established boomerang company. These included some rare and hard-to-get Davro models such as the wonderful Ash strip models which are no longer made, plus some earlier highly collectible Bakwood boomerangs.  This collection of Davro boomerangs vary in quality, with many being ‘slight seconds’ or having odd art work. The quality of each model is described in each product listing.

Each boomerang of a particular condition will be different. The wood colour, imperfections and artwork may vary. Where appropriate our photographs will show a selection of the boomerangs of that type and condition and your order will be picked at random. Whatever the condition, you can be confident of receiving a very nice fully functional hand made returning wooden boomerang at a great price.

A guide to the abbreviations:

A1 –  Perfect, as new quality.

A2 – “Slight Seconds” with some minor flaw or imperfection on the wood or workmanship. These flaws are usually very slight – Davro (Scotland) had very high standards of quality control!

A2 Odd Artwork – as the name suggests, slight seconds and the art work on these is different, wrong or was a promotional item.

A2 No Art – slight seconds and the boomerang ‘blank’, with no artwork or motifs.  Ideal if you want to add your own art or paintwork!

R/H – Right Handed (Droit / Recht)

L/H – Left Handed (Gaucher / Zurdos / Canhotos / Links)

IMPORTANT! Please note that these Davro boomerangs are unsuitable for children. This is because they are large and heavy and can cause injury. Please read the instructions that are attached to each Davro boomerang: throw these with great care; the wearing of safety gloves is highly recommended when catching.  

Breakages in use are NOT covered by any warranty. Boomerangs can break; it does not mean they are faulty! Once it has been thrown, if it breaks - even on the first throw - we are not able to refund you.

All the boomerangs we sell will need tuning to make them perform properly. Tuning a boomerang involves gently bending and twisting the wings to change the flight characteristics of the boomerang. Without tuning it is unlikely that your boomerang will return or fly correctly. It is best to regard a new boomerang as a ‘blank’ which will need tuning to make it fly. You will need to regularly re-tune your boomerang. Tuning the boomerang is part of the challenge and part of the fun! There are plenty of good resources on the internet about this – just Google “tuning a boomerang”.

Boomerangs can be dangerous. Do not throw near people or animals. Do not use in strong winds. Never lose sight of your boomerang when it is in flight. Do not attempt to catch a boomerang that is flying at eye-height. The use of gloves is recommended for catching especially when learning. We accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused through the use of a boomerang.  Please play with care.

Boomerangs can break or be damaged if they hit a hard surface. This includes hard ground such as dry or frozen soil. Even a small stone buried in soft ground can break a boomerang if it dives into the soil and hits it. Ideally, throw your boomerang over a soft surface such as grass or sand, away from trees, bushes, rocks or other obstructions. Ensure you have adequate space for the boomerang flight.