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Aerobie Superdisc Ultra Red

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Brand new AEROBIE™ Superdisc™ Ultra

* Cushioned rim for secure grip and comfortable catches

* Low profile design for long flights

* Large 12 inch diameter and patented spoiler rim for super stability

* Floats in water - take it to the beach

* Weight: 162 grams.

* Ages 10 and up.

* Made in the U.S.A.

The Aerobie Superdisc Ultra's 12 inch diameter and patented spoiler rim produce exceptionally long, stable flights while its soft rubber edge makes it especially comfortable to throw and catch.

The stable, accurate flights of the Aerobie Superdisc Ultra result from its advanced aerodynamic design which incorporates the patented spoiler rim with a soft rubber edge for comfortable catches. The original Aerobie Superdisc became a favorite shortly after its debut in 1995 because players of all skill levels could throw it well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. The Superdisc Ultra was developed in response to Superdisc fans' clamor for a larger, heavier version. Today, the Superdisc Ultra is the top of the line Aerobie flying disc.

The Superdisc Ultra's soft rubber edge provides a great grip for strong throws. It also feels soft to catch and does not develop sharp scratches and burrs like a conventional disc when it hits pavement.