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500 Cable Ties Small Hook and Loop Wraps Black 152x8mm

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Cable Ties. Just like the a Burdock plant, these cable ties stick to themselves and can be reused multiple times. Great around the house. 


Contents: 500 small Burdock Hook and Loop cable ties.
Colour: Black
Size: 152mm x 8mm
Material: Hook and Loop

These Velcro style straps will attach to your cable and still leave enough tie to make a loop about 1 inch (25mm) in diameter. This is suitable for smaller cabling applications.

No wasteful fancy packaging, just top quality hook and loop cable ties. We purchase these in bulk and they are supplied without any wasteful packaging. Great value quality cable ties ideal for the home or business user. 

The original Velcro self-gripping hook and loop design was inspired by the burrs of the Burdock plant and their ability to stick to clothing. These ties are resuseable – they will open and close hundreds of times! Does not crush fragile cables and helps eliminate kinking.