2 x Table Tennis Bat Rubber Protectors Single Sided Sheets

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These simple non-adhesive plastic sheets will cover and protect your table tennis bat rubbers. The covers are made from flexible clear plastic and they simply stick to your tacky rubbers. A nice, simple product, these are very easy to put on your bat. Simply put one cover on each side of your bat, as shown in our photographs. Once in place, the plastic covers will help keep your rubbers clean and fresh and help preserve your rubber performance and tackiness. The covers are reusable and just peel off after use. Store flat. Price is for one pair of sleeves (enough to protect one bat). We recommend that you use these sleeves in conjunction with a decent bat bag or case.

These are non-adhesive and are best suited to tacky/sticky table tennis rubbers (such as many Chinese ping pong rubbers). 

Sold in pairs. Price is for 1 Pair (2 Pieces).

Bat not included!

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