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2 x Sanwei Europe Target 40+ Pro Table Tennis Bat Rubbers MAX

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A pair of Sanwei Europe Target 40+ Pro pips-in ITTF approved table tennis rubbers with sponge. You will receive one red + one black rubber. 

Manufacturers description:
"Sanwei Europe Version TARGET 40+ Pro Pips-in Table Tennis PingPong Rubber With Black Sponge.

Europe Target 40+ By making the surface of top sheet as thin as possible, whose difference to other rubbers is visibly identified by the naked eyes, the longer pimples can be bend more easily into sponge, while the air compartment of “ cake sponge” can attract the force of incoming ball and then expend it again, imparting additional power on the ball much like spring, enabling a high degree of rotation while shaping a higher arc trajectory, also increasing the control in passive playing.

This rubber is a perfect combination of high- speed elasticity and great compression."

Technical Specifications:
Thickness: 2.05 mm
Speed: 14
Spin: 13.5
Hardness: Max
Surface: Unsticky

Sanwei Sport are a professional Chinese manufacturer of table tennis equipment established in 1993.

User reviews of these rubbers are available on the Table Tennis Database web site. Copyright 2018

We stock a wide range of Chinese TT rubbers. Rubbers will need to be glued to your blade using a suitable adhesive and then cut to shape. There are lots of good guides to doing this on You Tube.


  • TWO Sanwei Europe Target 40 plus pro rubbers (one red + one black)
  • Black sponge
  • ITTF approved.
  • Pips in.
  • Sold in the original factory sealed packaging.
  • Factory fresh.

Product Advice

Rubbers come with sponges of differing hardness measured in degrees °.  A higher number means a harder sponge. Generally, harder sponges give more speed with less spin, while softer sponges give better control with more spin and less speed. New players will probably not notice much difference. If you are not sure, try picking a soft to medium hardness (up to about 42°).

Inverted (pips-in) rubbers are most commonly used by competitive players. It means the smooth but grippy (tacky) rubber surface is in contact with the ball which creates lots of spin. Conversely, pips-out rubbers have the pips (pimples) in contact with the ball and are presently less popular.

The rubbers are supplied in the original manufacturers sealed packaging. These rubbers will need to be fixed to your blade using a suitable glue and then cut to shape. Be sure to place the ITTF logo next to the handle. Most rubbers have a thin protective plastic sheet over the surface that will need to be removed prior to play.

Table tennis bat rubbers have a ‘shelf life’ of about 18 months. Beware of buying rubbers or ready made bats where the rubber may be so old that it has deteriorated: this can be the case with paddles or rubbers which have been kept on display in sports stores or when making a second hand purchase. As the rubber deteriorates it loses grip (tackiness) – grip is essential to put spin on the ball, which is crucial to playing modern table tennis. All our ready made bats and rubbers are freshly imported from the manufacturer and you can be confident that the rubbers are brand new.

To help preserve your bat and rubber condition we recommend you keep your bat in a bag and store it out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Do not touch the rubber surface because you will transfer sweat and oil from your fingers.

To help maintain performance, occasionally gently clean the rubber with water or use a specialist bat cleaning fluid.

Table tennis rubbers are glued onto the blade and can peel off at the edges if the bat catches the table, particularly if the bat edge is pushed along the surface of the table. Be careful during play!

Like all table tennis rubbers, the rubber condition will slowly deteriorate over time and will lose tackiness. The more you play the quicker your bat rubber will wear out! Luckily, rubbers can be replaced when required.

Any new bat or rubber will take a little getting used to at first.

Please note damage to your table tennis bat or rubber which might reasonably result from normal wear and tear is NOT considered a fault; this includes worn, peeling or torn rubbers, chipped or worn wood. We cannot replace any rubber once the packaging has been opened unless it can be shown to be faulty.

If you have any questions we will be pleased to help. You can contact us by email.

Copyright 2018

No refunds can be given for any table tennis rubbers once the packaging has been opened.