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  • Assembled SkillToyz Begleri with blue Aluminium Beads and red Paracord.
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  • An assembled SkillToyz Begleri with blue Aluminium Beads and red Paracord.
  • You can screw the begleri bead onto the paracord, using the thread inside the smaller hole.

Begleri Royal Blue Aluminium Beads with Red Paracord

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Product Description

SkillToyz is proud to introduce a new range of Begleri. These metal begleri have been manufactured to our specifications and are supplied with Paracord ready for you to assemble and use. The medium weight makes these Begleri suited to beginners as well as more experienced players. The 3mm Paracord we have used is ideal for this weight, allowing fast flowing play.

Originating in Greece, Begleri are a traditional pocket sized skill toy consisting of two beads of equal weight threaded on to a short string. Begleri are flicked, spun and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and have become a popular skill toy in recent years. For many these toys are an excellent Fidget Toy, played to pass the time or keep the hands busy.

These Begleri require assembly by an adult. They are not pre-assembled because you need to make the string length to suit both the size of your hand and your personal preference.  

Bead diameter: 22mm
Weight (per bead): 14g (approx.)
Total weight when assembled: 28g (approx.)
Bead Material: Aluminium 6061 grade.
Finish: colour anodised.
Cord material: Genuine 3mm 325 Paracord by Pepperell, USA.
Bead colour: Royal Blue.
Supplied with a soft blue Euro-Yo carry pouch and assembly instructions.
Requires assembly.

These Begleri are supplied ready to assemble. In the package you will find two aluminium Begleri beads and two 30cm lengths of 325 Paracord. This length should be sufficient to make 2 short or long cord (or one of each!). You will need to thread the cord through the smaller holes in the beads and knot the cord to a length to suit your style of play. It is recommended that the ends of the Paracord are lightly sealed using a naked flame to reduce fraying and present a neat finish.


Tie a suitable knot in one end of one of the cords. Thread the cord through the smaller hole of the first Begleri bead. The larger hole goes over the knot. Threading the cord through the hole can be tricky and takes a little time. Tip: the smaller bead hole has a thread, so you can ‘screw’ the bead onto the cord. It helps a lot if the end of the cord has been heat sealed. Then put the second bead onto the cord, facing the opposite way to the first bead. Again, you may find it easiest to ‘screw’ the cord on. Or you can push it through with a bent paperclip or similar.

You then need to decide what length you wish the cord to be. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but new players are advised to start with a short cord (“short game”). If you Google “Begleri string length” you will find a lot of helpful information on this. As a rough guide, for the short game try having the exposed string about 2 to 3 centimetres longer than the width of you hand. Having decided the string length, you then need to knot the other end of the string. Do not cut the cord yet. Try the Begleri out and see if the length suits you. Once happy, trim the cord to about 3mm from the knots at both ends and use a naked flame (lighter, match) for a few seconds to slightly melt and thus heat seal the end of the cord. Caution: the melted cord will be very hot.

The aluminium beads are tough but not indestructible! The aluminium will wear during use and the colour anodised coating may become marked. This is normal wear and tear.

Not suitable for children under 12. Small parts. Strangulation risk. Sharp scissors or knife required for assembly. Please play with care!

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